Hygiene Services

The hygiene services comprises of three main cleaning activities, namely the cleansing services itself (CLS), linen and laundry services (LLS) and healthcare waste management services (HWMS). The objective of all the hygiene services is to maintain the highest standard of cleanliness. The maintenance and cleanliness of wards, clinics, labour rooms, operating theatres, laboratories and pharmacies is carried out with advanced technology that cleans both effectively and safely and is in accordance with the Ministry of Health's guidelines. In addition, general areas such as corridors, staircases, lifts, public toilets, administration offices, stores, kitchens, dining areas, hostels, staff quarters come under the purview of this service.

Keeping a hospital clean can be one of the most demanding jobs encountered by cleansing contractors. Hospital cleansing staff must co-ordinate their activities with clinical and nursing staff as well as the public.